When it comes to digital marketing there are lots of questions such as what’s hot? What’s new? And the most important question is what’s next? These are some of the common questions you get to frequently ask as the New Year is coming closer.

The best way to grow and keep your customer base is by keeping up with all the latest trends in digital marketing. Knowing the trends of digital marketing will help you to make good decisions that will allow your business to stay competitive.

This article will help you to plan ahead on where to invest your marketing budgets in the year 2017, by helping you to identify and pay attention to the latest innovations and the trends that are on the increase based on future opportunities from different angles.

Having the interest in trends and all the new marketing opportunities should not be a revelation, considering the emergence of many platform changes from the likes of Google, Apple, LinkedIn and Facebook that influence the latest trends in digital marketing.


Devising good marketing plans and campaigns always start with knowing the changing needs of the customers, their wants, and their behaviors.

To understand the marketplace change, you need to understand always consumer behavior. Consumer behavior can change due to changes in technology. You must be able to study this trend and optimize your marketing strategy by meeting the needs of the consumers using their device usage perspective, the major trends you can focus on is the improved growth in smartphone acceptance and the popularity of mobile messaging.

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Artificial Intelligence is not new but it is delivering all its promise and has advanced in the area of consumer assistance. You have heard about Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and the latest Facebook’s Bot Engine for Messenger, all these Artificial intelligence have suddenly become the biggest trend in the tech industry.


Many businesses now acquire the essentials of mobile advertising right. With the provision of a responsive website. This simply means that their website is mobile-friendly. The 2017 trends will include the optimization of mobile experiences. Providing a platform for more custom-made experiences for different mobile devices through good website design. It also means that the full optimizations must encourage conversion rate on devices. But some of this platform may be forced to be in effect as Google recently plans to reduce the ranking of sites that make use of pop-ups on the phone starting in 2017. Businesses will continue to deal with how mobile marketing fits into the customer journey.

Having a good mobile marketing strategy is very important for your business. More than half of all local searches happen on a mobile device, businesses with a mobile-friendly website and a good strategy to rank in all local searches will be discovered by more consumers. Your business must focus on building a marketing strategy for 2017 that will account for all the devices a consumer uses.

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