Numerous internet users are still unaware about the potential of digital marketing.

Advances in technology related to the internet have brought many special benefits to marketing. A lower cost for the distribution of information to a wide global audience is one such advantage. There are more than a billion users of the internet spread across the world. This number represents a large consumer base or marketplace. Such buying or selling of goods or services online is called e-commerce. Other advantages resulting in an increase in the number of people opting for online shopping are competitive prices, easier comparison of prices of similar products, a wider range of products, and the comfort of shopping from home and having products delivered to wherever one chooses.

The internet has both creative as well as technical aspects that are integrated by digital marketing techniques. These aspects include design, development, advertising, and sales. In order to be effective, digital marketing requires a well-planned strategy that integrates a particular company’s business model and sales goals with the appearance and function of its website. This enables the company to focus on its target market by way of proper advertising type, media, and design.

Digital marketing ROI depends on the proper identification of the target end-user group. It starts with identifying who the potential customer is and what is their requirement. It is essential to know their problems and desires. The seller should put himself/herself in their shoes and try to find out what would make them feel better.
Therefore before embarking on any venture or implementing a service/product, it is advisable to research whether the target market is interested.

After the identification of the target consumer base, the next step is to become aware of the competition. The activities of competitors related to the products and the strategies adopted by them to promote their sales online should be carefully evaluated. Their weaknesses with regard to the quality of products sold and guarantees, if any, are to be sought out. Competitors can be of various types. They are the direct and indirect kinds that have created online outlets.

This process should be applied by any online and offline based companies which offer services ranging from travel, dating and banking services.


Digital marketing has also spawned a special group of pioneers who have devised ingenious techniques of online marketing including article marketing, pay-per-click ads, micro-sites, etc.. Affiliate marketing is one of the least understood but most profitable forms of digital marketing. Through such programs, it is possible for an online marketer to join an affiliate program and promote its products or services on the internet.

The personal situation determines the success and effectiveness of any digital marketing plan. As digital marketing becomes more popular and successful, it would become the choice as a full-fledged career, offering the freedom rarely seen in other professions.