The real cost of “cheap” tech

/ 5 minutes Read time

How do you actually go about buying a new smartphone nowadays? Do you evaluate products online or you just head over to the nearest store and take a closer look at the range of products available? In case you are using the first method and searching online it becomes increasingly effortless thanks also partly to […]

A beginning and end story

/ 23 minutes Read time

Here at DesignDiverso we really like to imagine what the future will look like and may bring in terms of innovation. This time is worth taking a look at the past though before delving into the future. Depending on whom you ask rather near or remote future. By observing and studying adaptation and evolutions throughout history […]

Leverage your productivity with AR

/ 8 minutes Read time

Augmented reality is been growing strong over the last few years, today we are introducing our readers to the new frontier in productivity, the smart equipment by Daqri will get your company to step up its game by not only providing unheard-of capabilities to your team but also by bridging gaps in your workflow. Here […]

The shape of the blockchain

/ 5 minutes Read time

After many industrial revolutions, the invention of the internet that marked a pivotal milestone in the history of mankind, the rapid development of web-based technologies has fostered a very large number of opportunities for business and not for profit alike. When we think of a future that is getting closer by the day, we can’t […]

3D design made simple

/ 2 minutes Read time

When it comes to 3D design software that allows even beginners to take full advantage of its range of features, the newest Adobe product Dimension CC is definitely the way to go. If your ultimate goal is 3D modeling and design there is really little you can’t accomplish with this new tool. From creating and […]

Connect everything

/ 3 minutes Read time

HOW NETWORK SWITCHES CAN LEVERAGE SECURITY With security being a common part of our day to day lives, many people are trying to find the best ways to make their life more secure. Businesses and networks are no exception to this move toward security. Cisco’s latest switches series are a step ahead in the security […]

How IoT can help us with the green transition

/ 3 minutes Read time

New technologies have finally brought solutions to old issues, but also new challenges. In an increasingly digitized world, some strive to harness the power of technology in order to curb pollution, improve the environment and make the most out of renewables. Never before in history have we consumed and used more resources than now. These […]

The new era of entertainment

/ 5 minutes Read time

In fact, it’s so far ahead of what much of the competition is offering that it can be difficult to describe the experience of using it to someone who hasn’t yet tried VR (virtual reality) themselves. It’s akin to trying to describe moving footage to someone who’s spent their whole life staring at pictures, or […]

Apple and Cisco partnering for an optimal mobile experience

/ 2 minutes Read time

Businesses in every vertical market are reinventing themselves: becoming digital, software-based, and mobile-centric. An increasing number of employees, for example, are using their iPhones to collaborate while in the office. Yet in buildings in which many other wireless devices are connected to the network, heavy congestion on access points can lead to video pixelation, audio […]

Analytics software to watch in 2017

/ 4 minutes Read time

Any online asset is not complete nowadays without an analytics stack that provides constant and accurate monitoring on the digital content outcomes. Before getting down to the nitty-gritty facts of comparison and reviewing I wish to share some insights about my personal experience with this software. Over the years I had the chance to work […]