How a small/medium business will benefit from a design system

/ 18 minutes Read time

Scattered brand image = Perceived quality, trust and your brand equity compromised Teams are being progressively invested in. However, even when the team is small, there can be big gaps in between the intended use of design, content, media and overall branding. With growth, nevertheless, it becomes much tougher to keep everyone on the very […]

5 steps design thinking process

/ 2 minutes Read time

Our 5 phases design thinking process is not always consequential — they don’t have to be arranged in any specific order we encourage repetition and collateral iteration. Therefore the phases should be considered as different modules providing elements to a project, rather than consequential steps. However, the great thing about our five-steps design thinking model […]

Guardians of the mire

/ 4 minutes Read time

Climate change, pollution, and natural disasters have unfortunately become part of our daily lives, many people claim that we are way too far out in this relentlessly tragical process in order to prevent apocalyptic consequences. In my opinion, there is still a glimmer of hope as in many other extremely important aspects of life such […]

Content marketing in 2017

/ 8 minutes Read time

We are really getting there, this season at least here in Finland already looks like Christmas time, snow-white covered landscapes waiting only for Santa to land somewhere with his herd of flying deers. The holiday season is right around the corner, we are all having family, friends, and good food on our minds. However, forward-thinking […]

High impact creative marketing

/ 3 minutes Read time

Numerous internet users are still unaware about the potential of digital marketing. Advances in technology related to the internet have brought many special benefits to marketing. A lower cost for the distribution of information to a wide global audience is one such advantage. There are more than a billion users of the internet spread across […]