Why Automation Alone Can’t Make Your Website Accessible And Legally Compliant

/ 4 minutes Read time

The web accessibility lawsuits have widely increased over the past 5 years. It is nowadays paramount for small businesses to prevent any potential litigation down the road by achieving compliance with ADA (USA) WCAG 2.1 internationally and other frameworks according to the business region location. The process is challenging mainly for one essential reason– making […]

How a small/medium business will benefit from a design system

/ 18 minutes Read time

Scattered brand image = Perceived quality, trust and your brand equity compromised Teams are being progressively invested in. However, even when the team is small, there can be big gaps in between the intended use of design, content, media and overall branding. With growth, nevertheless, it becomes much tougher to keep everyone on the very […]

How social mentions can leverage your leads generation

/ 7 minutes Read time

Are you familiar with social mentions and what it can actually do to boost your business leads generation?  Social monitoring or listening refers to identifying and responding to individual brand mentions on social media.  We’ve tested a few of these software for this month’s review, however one stood out from the crowd. Awario is a social media […]

Can explainer videos help your brand?

/ 11 minutes Read time

When it comes to letting your audience know about your brand and providing useful information about what your company does, there are a plethora of options nowadays. Enter explainer videos. However most of the time, you are facing constraints in terms of time or budget.  Among the tools that can convey important information in a very […]

What is service design?

/ 9 minutes Read time

What is Service Design and Why should you care. Are you still asking yourself what service design actually is? Is it connected to customer experience or user experience design? Let’s try to shed some light on it.  Enhance Your Agency Solutions, Reliability and Revenues. Do you run a company? If so, learn more about how […]

ZMOT, FMOT and SMOT a love story

/ 5 minutes Read time

I believe that generally speaking, we live in an extremely competitive world, what is rapidly shifting and changing before our eyes are not only the market landscape but also consumers’ backgrounds, (which affect decisions in unprecedented ways. All internet experiences have gone one way during the years, up. As a result to this continuous and […]

Marketing Trends For 2017 That B2B Marketers Need To Understand

/ 9 minutes Read time

Among the other hopefully good things, this new year is bringing to us new exciting opportunities to shine as marketers and to make the most out of our strategies and plans. According to this list my predictions and insights were correct, this year in fact the ones who will be reaping more outstanding results will […]

How can we help your business stand out from the crowd?

/ 3 minutes Read time

Creativity isn’t disciplined for just designers. Ideas and creative thinking should come from everyone regardless of their role. Creativity can be taught to an extent and I’ve been heavily inspired by Mr. Steve Jobs’s presentations as well as Mr. Kevin Roberts. In my opinion two of the greatest innovators to date, so as I delved […]

5 reasons why content is king to B2B digital strategy

/ 4 minutes Read time

The importance today of using marketing strategy in organizational or business-to-business (B2B) marketing is highlighted by the latest content marketing institute report. Supplier websites, web searches and in most countries emails are now primary information sources for business buyers. Online events and social media are also significant, more so if you dig deeper and look at their […]

How to create and develop an affiliate marketing program

/ 3 minutes Read time

With the increasing popularity of internet marketing, more and more entrepreneurs are beginning to realize the power of affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are generally time taking to create but well worth it as implementing an affiliate program that allows affiliates to sell your product or service could very well mean a massive boost in sales. […]