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Supply Chain Fragmentation

  • Pain Point: Managing and coordinating materials across various suppliers.


  • DesignDiverso Solution: Integrated supply chain solutions for centralized procurement, tracking, and efficient inventory management.

Innovation and Digital Transformation

  • Pain Point: Adapting to emerging technologies and incorporating digital transformation for construction projects.


  • DesignDiverso Solution: Embrace biomimicry in crafting digital transformation strategies, integrating IoT, BIM, and AI-driven solutions for construction projects.
    These systems enhance project visualization, data-driven decisions, and stakeholder collaboration, fostering innovative construction practices. Leveraging nature’s efficiency, DesignDiverso ensures seamless integration of advanced tech, empowering construction businesses with biomimetic-inspired systems for enhanced efficiency and innovation.
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Resource Optimization

  • Pain Point: Efficient allocation of labor, equipment, and project resources.


  • DesignDiverso Solution: Custom resource management systems for optimized allocation, tracking, and utilization of resources.

Innovating the facade business

“Finally someone who nailed digital transformation innovation…”

Maurizio Focchi

CEO, Focchi Group

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