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In an industry brimming with unique challenges, we offer tailored digital strategies designed to elevate your

catering business, from menu management to seamless event execution.

Discover how our comprehensive suite of solutions can transform your

catering endeavors and delight your clients.

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catering industry

Marketing and Visibility Issues:

  • Pain Point: Limited online visibility and challenges in attracting new clients.
  • DesignDiverso Solution: SEO optimization and Content Creation services to improve online visibility, engage potential clients, and showcase catering services effectively.

Menu Management Challenges:

  • Pain Point: Handling diverse menus, dietary preferences, and seasonal demands.
  • DesignDiverso Solution: Tailored Digital Product Design and UX/UI Design for user-friendly menu management platforms, ensuring easy updates, and customer-friendly interfaces.
UX/UI Design
customer retention

Customer Engagement and Satisfaction:

  • Pain Point: Difficulty in engaging and retaining clients long-term.
  • DesignDiverso Solution: Customer-focused UX/UI Design, coupled with Content Creation strategies, to create engaging platforms and content that delight clients and encourage repeat business.

Tailored customer experience for a annual 61% RFQ lift

“It is nice to see those leads coming in day after day…”

Scott Palumbo

CEO, B&M Catering Co.

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