We are DesignDiverso.

Nature human brand

We foster co-creation as we believe in doing great work with great people.
We are here to empower businesses and help them meet their sales goals in an ethical and sustainable way.
We partner with SMBs throughout every region and industry who share our drive for solutions and a resolve to making it a reality.


Our goal is to help society shift towards an organic equitable economy. We reinvest 10% of our revenue into our clients local communities. 




We are the ethical digital economy designers.

Tancredi Leone // Creative Director


My goal is to reconcile the external impact of a brand with the internal impact of the associated company, and vice versa. Inspiring people and brands to find solutions to their challenges available in nature and applying them to their fields. This promotes the development of a “natural” and authentic identity and attitude. It is then transferred to the company, its products, services, end customers and has a positive impact on society. In 2015, I’ve therefore started to turn the natural design thinking and organic economy concepts that I came up with back in 2010 into a model that promotes and combines essential values from business, nature and society.







Audrey Museve // Data Analyst

A passionate social science researcher with more than 6 years of experience in social policy and development research.


Davide Laneri // Web Developer Intern

Davide is our latest addition to the team, he is looking to make a dent in the universe by helping businesses become more sustainable and foster the shifting to a more equitable economy.

The best way to learn is to get outside of the office

Our values


While evolution and development are constant, we believe our values should never change.

Honesty // Be true.

Honesty and transparency are key to build a co-creation environment and essential for any relationship.

Trust & Respect // Be respectful.

We’re at our best when we respect and trust what we are doing, who we’re doing it for/with, and why we’re even doing it in the first place.

Collaboration // Continuous iteration.

At DesignDiverso we are not going to find uncertainty in change and opposition, but the possibility in it.

Care // Your success is our success.

We don’t rest until our clients get wherever they want to be.
They pay only for the measured results.