New technologies have finally brought solutions to old issues, but also new challenges. In an increasingly digitized world, some strive to harness the power of technology in order to curb pollution, improve the environment and make the most out of renewables. Never before in history have we consumed and used more resources than now. These words, unfortunately, have turned into an echo heard in news and documentaries across the planet, some cities and people have been already doing something to change this seemingly relentless pattern. Today more than ever we should be joining forces to make this possible and ensure the preservation of the environment as it is. It is estimated that we will lose 50% animals species by the end of the century. Something that unfortunately occurred in previous mass extinctions on earth, however never before caused by humans. If we stop for a moment to think about these figures and facts it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.


There is no simple answer or solution to all this, the only certainty is that a major, worldwide effort is required, so how the technology we have today can help us in the process of reducing and ultimately preventing pollution? How can we guarantee our sons and daughters a sustainable future? Denmark is been trying to find some answers to this ever puzzling challenge. Copenhagen is been at the forefront of this revolution and started implementing infrastructural smart solutions throughout the city.

smart city
source: smarturbanlighting

This is been possible thanks to the partnership with Cisco’s Smart+Connected Digital Platform and other local companies that are allowed to test new groundbreaking solutions for lighting and sustainable digitalization of public services including waste, parking, and environmental sensing. Furthermore, Copenhagen has made available city services wirelessly delivering an augmented experience to residents and tourists alike increasing engagement and enticing them into discovering sights, historical locations, and heritage when visiting the city.

The city realized that the approach to monitoring carbon emissions should have changed, therefore they implemented solutions that can now get data out of Danish Outdoor Lighting Lab DOLL to better identify the city pollution sources. They are becoming quickly a leading smart technology city improving operations and citizens’ experiences. These solutions will not only provide them new insights on how the city can run, but will also set an example for others to follow.

living lab
source: LivingLab


With each new initiative, they are enabling more intelligent use of the city’s existing resources and improving the way they deliver services to the growing number of citizens, commuters and tourists who use the city. This is creating an extremely appealing and attractive destination for new business investors and entrepreneurs.

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