Businesses in every vertical market are reinventing themselves: becoming digital, software-based, and mobile-centric. An increasing number of employees, for example, are using their iPhones to collaborate while in the office. Yet in buildings in which many other wireless devices are connected to the network, heavy congestion on access points can lead to video pixelation, audio loss, and dropped calls, especially as employees roam between access points.

Apple and Cisco have responded to this challenge by partnering to create an optimal mobile experience for iOS devices on corporate networks based on Cisco® technologies.

Specifically, using new features in iOS 10 in combination with the latest software and hardware from Cisco, businesses can now more effectively use their network infrastructure to deliver an enhanced user experience across all business applications.

In Cisco offices around the world, wireless LAN connectivity is a critical infrastructure component, because our employees have embraced mobile technologies and rely on Wi-Fi to perform their work. A reliable wireless LAN network is foundational for team collaboration and employee productivity.

apple cisco infographic

Recently, a UK-based Cisco IT team upgraded its Cisco LAN controller software to AireOS 8.3 to use the first networking innovations from the Apple and Cisco strategic partnership. To quantify what it believed would be enhanced user experience, the team conducted a series of tests in a real-world office environment using the Cisco Spark™ app, a transparent, intuitive collaboration application. The testbed was a video call between an employee roaming the office floor with an iPhone running iOS 10 connected to the local Wi-Fi network, and another employee running the Cisco Spark app on a desktop computer.

Read full case study here.

Watch as Chris Dedicoat, Cisco EVP Worldwide Sales and Field Operations host an exclusive global event featuring Apple VP, Mike Fenger, and Cisco SVP, Rowan Trollope. Discover ‘the Future of Work’ with demonstrations of our new mobility and collaboration solutions for iOS 10, and how these technologies can benefit your line of business.

How Cisco can improve your customers mobile experience.