With security being a common part of our day to day lives, many people are trying to find the best ways to make their life more secure. Businesses and networks are no exception to this move toward security. Cisco’s latest switches series are a step ahead in the security market. Many businesses have the personal information of thousands of people in their hands. Security for businesses often equates to heightened password measures and firewalls, but, it should be so much more than that. As security measures increase, so should the equipment that is directly related to security – including switches. Leaving your switching platform behind while you upgrade the rest of your network can equate to security breaches, poor service, and more overhead for your company.

The new Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series switch is the latest product in this technology. They are built for cross-platform use, making them hugely versatile – more so than the other network switches in the series. The 9000 Series has Cisco DNA and SD-Access which ensures that the switch learns from the network itself – creating a more fluid and smoother process. It continually evolves to anticipate its customers’ needs, making it the smartest network switch yet. It can connect more devices and device types, finding correlations and insights. This allows it to see security threats that are otherwise invisible. It will then automatically make the correct security response. What really makes the 9000 Series special and novel is that it continually adapts and learns from the world around it.

cisco catalyst
Cisco Catalyst Series

So, sometimes it is ahead of the security threat even before you’ve spotted it. The 9000 Series boasts a centrally managed policy, which allows for control in a far more simple and cohesive manner than its predecessors. It has advanced programmability for those who are more into their tech than the average person. More wireless access points support much higher bandwidth uplinks, meaning faster speeds that are therefore better able to protect you. It has the most advanced operating system of any Cisco Catalyst product and is, in turn, the most updated. This allows it to work with a wide variety of devices, and different operating systems – making it the most useful Cisco network switch available. This product will provide you with easy to understand insights and analytics – allowing you to detect malware from the encrypted traffic on your device. Cisco has always made sure to adapt as other companies have begun to upgrade their security measures.
With the advent of iOS, technology companies saw that they would need to make leaps and bounds to really fit in with the rest of technology’s upgrades. Keep your company up to date in a fast-tracked technological world by upgrading your switches. Make sure your team stays up-to-date and is adequately trained by providing ad hoc courses delivered by Cisco.

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