3D Design made simple

When it comes to 3D design software that allows even beginners to take full advantage of its range of features, the newest Adobe product Dimension CC is definitely the way to go. If your ultimate goal is 3D modeling and design there is really little you can’t accomplish with this new tool. From creating and shaping up new product ideas to sculptures, finding your way around only takes minutes The results are simply mind-blowing and if you can imagine it you can design it!


Why ADOBE DIMENSION 3D is one step ahead

Among the top features, 3D graphic placement allows you to drag and drop any logo or graphic onto a 3D model effortlessly in order to have a glance at your concept’s real-life look. You can start creating your first model by downloading the resources available here

When it comes down to material editing, you can control the appearance of textures for your material width offset, rotate, and tile options, for instance, you can adjust any item direction to achieve your desired visual effect. The automated image matching will make sure that light, camera, perspective and aspect ratio are automatically set as you choose the background image to make your object match perfectly. If you decided to pick an outdoor image Dimension will detect the sun’s direction and strength and automatically light your object accordingly.

If you feel in need of inspiration for your models, you can access any of the hundreds of free assets optimized for Dimension right inside the app, customize the scene and add your pick out of thousands of 3D models, lights and materials. Making the most of your resources and project is also a must and with multilayered PSD renders Dimension will allow you to step up your game when it comes to rendering, by easily letting you replace a background image, change lighting, or recolor objects without having to rerender.


Wrapping up

The highest standard in rendering is guaranteed by Adobe partnership with V-ray a world-leading engine for top-quality photorealistic rendering. We already are starting to savor our share of Dimension’s awesomeness, if you are looking for a solution that combines ease of use, flexibility and top-industry quality, Dimension CC is your best bet.