After many industrial revolutions, the invention of the internet marked a pivotal milestone in the history of mankind, the rapid development of web-based technologies has fostered a very large number of opportunities for businesses and not-for-profits alike. When we think of a future that is getting closer by the day, we can’t overlook the intrinsically enormous potential of blockchain. Many already the successful applications of this technology in a variety of fields and cases. Pacific Islands authorities in partnership with WWF are taking advantage of blockchain to prevent poaching and smuggling of tuna fish, a very good example of how blockchain can help resolve public domain issues that have plagued the world for years. This initiative is helping finally put an end on a years-long battle to get rid of poachers and illegal fishing practices in a $2.5 trillion market.

How can blockchain help us?

Blockchain allows us to create a form of certification and traceability for all kind of items, any product can be traced from origin to end consumer, these contracts do not require any third-party enforcement and can completely eliminate any attempt to data rigging and manipulation on origin, content, production, health, and safety. It’s by now evident to many of us that most of the biggest risks to our planet are environmental, from extreme weather events, ecosystem collapse to water crises. Tackle these issues should be a top priority for all of us, but going from egocentric to ecocentric is not an easy and pain-free process, rebalancing human and biological needs takes plenty of effort and good intentions. In spite of all the innovative technologies out there, from quantum computing and Artificial intelligence to advanced robotics, blockchain seems to provide the most promising radical approach for disruption. The tuna fishing monitoring is just only one of the many use cases in which blockchain can leverage management in fact it could also be a game-changer in tackling a number of sustainability and scalability challenges driving change across sectors and creating new economies within ecosystems. Ecocoin and Plastic Bank reward recycling by distributing cryptographic tokens, their usage of blockchain allows also to track volumes, costs, and impact.

Such tactics when developed further and applied in different spaces, can nitro-boost the development of shared circular economies. Electric Chain is here to help people contribute directly to renewable energy installations, by completely revolutionizing the distribution of clean and affordable energy where is needed. Blockchain could help to track carbon footprint and to determine a more accurate and reliable carbon tax in compliance with environmental agreements without any needs for third party auditing. It can help curb bureaucracy and corruption, releasing funds where needed without sophisticated banking infrastructure. At its very core blockchain is a peer-to-peer digital ledger in which transactions are made in a publicly accessible, autonomous way and recorded chronologically and distributed when and where needed. It can help individuals, governments and companies see the outcomes of their work in a very complex environment, which can be extremely useful for delivering sustainability.

Even though the technology is still in its infancy is easy with the right kind of eye to see its tremendous potential, in my opinion, the opportunity of a millennium perhaps, possibly the chance to finally re-establish some balance in our rather tangled-up world. We at DesignDiverso have envisioned multiple concepts that are set to truly and concretely solve complex challenges that have been bewildering the world for years. As we are investing more and more time into research and development we should bear in mind that technology is no magic wand, we can’t expect it to do miracles before our eyes and suddenly save forests and end poverty. However, we are now fully aware that when properly used blockchain can foster sustainability, distribute renewable energy and allow for the secure transactions of valuable items, in other words ultimately empower the end-users and restore true decisional power among people. Turning things around is now a reality and not a far fetched, fatuous dream of our civilization, however, we must understand that saving our planet is not one business, country or organization lonely mission. It is only by working together and combining our talents and skills that we can really make a difference. Without a crucial understanding and a mutual dialogue in order to join forces, these chances of truly changing our fate will be shattered.


Only by sharing and spreading specific knowledge around blockchain and other technologies we will overcome what really is been holding us up for centuries and perhaps with more secure and better technology finally we’ll have the chance to do it and see the change that most of us are craving for, therefore our goal is to build partnerships, relationships and foster products development that can really make the difference for the wellbeing and prosperity of us all, for having a future and chasing away all the decadent misconception that keep imprisoned our fundamental values and rights to be our own. At DesignDiverso we can provide fully customized consulting, design and software development for all things digital including blockchain, feel free to get in touch in order to learn more.