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Hinging on the diverse views and unique skillsets of cross-functional teams. Natural Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that draws inspiration and get solutions from nature. It allows testable and repeatable processes, helping both small and large businesses being nimble in the creation – or improvement of – new or existing products, services, and solutions.

How Natural Design Workshops works

natural design thinking

Discover new creative approaches

Fast-paced and fun, a natural design thinking workshop is a cost- and time-effective way to trigger new and exciting ways of thinking about your business. Whether your needs are transitioning to digital product, improving your workflow or upgrading your logistics. We got you covered. We offer half-day, full-day, and multi-day sessions in the most beautiful locations in Italy and Finland that will help you solve problems with solutions found in nature.

lean strategies

Lean strategies

We can provide meaningful and actionable insights, based on frameworks and eco-systems found in nature that will allow you to leverage your organization whether big or small and taking it to the next level.

company happiness

Company Happiness

We can help your team reestablishing meaningful connections with nature. We combine this method with mindfulness techniques for inner rebalancing. The process can help companies of any size drawing more energy and inspiration from nature. Refocusing on complex challenges and finding solutions faster than ever.

How to Get Started with a Natural Design Workshop

Since 2015 DesignDiverso has been aiming at providing sustainable solutions that can be available to anyone committed to making a change, no matter their background or resources. Through our week-long immersion workshops, you will not only get inspired, but you will also reconnect with nature and rebalance yourself.
This will allow you to refocus and solve your business/technical challenges in a much faster and more productive way.

A visionary kind of professional training, our immersion workshops give participants a deep dive into the natural design methodology, providing basics hands-on application of biomimetics. On top of animals we can, if we are lucky, observe within their natural habitat on-location. We will provide innovative insights on creatures that were roaming the earth millions of years ago. By understanding how prehistoric creatures lived and became extinct, engineers or designers can acquire new ideas for how to design innovative products or systems. By studying fossils, they can better understand how the prehistoric world worked, and find out details about specific processes.
All under the guidance and training of our expert instructors.

Week-long Natural Design Workshops starts at € 400 per person, min. participants: 6 people. max 8 people.
(For any reason beyond our control that prevents us from organizing the workshop, we will issue a refund effect immediately)

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