Sync Chargebee customers and subscriptions with DesignDiverso Automata

Set Up Webhook in Chargebee:

    • Log in to your Chargebee account and navigate to “Settings” -> “Configure Chargebee” -> “Webhooks & API.”
    • Create a new webhook by clicking on the “Add Webhook Endpoint” button.
    • Configure the webhook endpoint URL to point to your Mautic instance, ensuring that it is accessible and can receive incoming requests.

Set Up Webhook in Mautic:

    • Log in to your DesigDiverso Automata instance and navigate to “Configuration” -> “Webhooks” or “API Credentials” depending on your version.
    • Create a new webhook with a name that identifies the Chargebee integration.
    • Set the URL to the Chargebee webhook endpoint URL you obtained in the previous step.
    • Configure the events that should trigger the webhook, such as customer creation or subscription updates.

Create a Webhook Workflow in Mautic:

    • Navigate to “Campaigns” in DesigDiverso Automata and create a new campaign.
    • Drag and drop the “Webhook” action onto the canvas.
    • Configure the Webhook action by entering the URL of the desired DesigDiverso Automata endpoint to handle the Chargebee webhook data.

Process Chargebee Webhook Data in DesigDiverso Automata:

    • Within the DesigDiverso Automata webhook endpoint, process the incoming data and extract the relevant information such as customer details and subscription updates.
    • Map the extracted data to DesigDiverso Automata’s fields or trigger appropriate actions within DesigDiverso Automata, such as updating contact information or adding tags.

Save and Activate the Workflow:

    • Save the webhook workflow in DesigDiverso Automata once you have configured the necessary actions and mappings.
    • Activate the workflow to enable it to receive and process the Chargebee webhook data.

Test the Integration:

    • In Chargebee, perform actions such as creating customers or updating subscriptions to trigger the webhook.
    • Monitor the DesigDiverso Automata webhook endpoint to ensure that it receives the incoming data and processes it correctly.
    • Verify that the customer and subscription data is synchronized between Chargebee and DesigDiverso Automata as expected.

Useful Tips:

  • Ensure that the Chargebee webhook endpoint URL in DesigDiverso Automata matches the URL configured in Chargebee.
  • Handle authentication and security measures when setting up the webhook connection between Chargebee and DesigDiverso Automata.
  • Validate and sanitize the incoming webhook data in DesigDiverso Automata to prevent any potential issues or security vulnerabilities.
  • Utilize DesigDiverso Automata’s data mapping capabilities to map the Chargebee webhook data to the appropriate fields within DesigDiverso Automata.
  • Regularly monitor the webhook workflow execution and check for any errors or issues that may arise during the synchronization process.
  • Consider implementing error handling and logging within the DesigDiverso Automata webhook endpoint to track any failures or unexpected behavior.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Chargebee and DesigDiverso Automata documentation to understand the available webhook events and data structures.
  • Test the webhook integration thoroughly with different scenarios to ensure it covers all relevant use cases and functions as expected.

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