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Home automation is the next step in technology becoming more integrated into our everyday lives. While some products are being sold to the consumer as ‘plug and play’ items, the truth is that many need professional installation to ensure that they are configured correctly and work properly.
If you’re looking for the best smart home, smart office hub installation services or for a professional to install your smart devices, look no further than DesignDiverso.
When you book a home automation expert,  you’ll be booking an experienced smart devices professional, with all the required experience and tools to get the job right the first time. 
Whether you need to install a unit or a complete security system at your premises we got you covered!
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Smart Device Installation

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We can provide installation and assistance for Apple and Google Nest smart devices.

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When you book a professional smart devices installation expert to set up your device, whether it’s a Homekit or Nest, you’ll be booking more than just their time. Our experts have plenty of experience in dealing with smart home/office devices. In addition to bringing the right tools for the job, they’ll be bringing their expertise and an awareness of the latest gadgets and gizmos. What’s new today is often obsolete tomorrow, and a professional home automation specialist will be able to let you know whether your smart device is going to do exactly what you want it to.

 Skilled and Capable

When you book a smart home expert, you want to know that they’ll provide the best smart devices services possible. Whether they’re dealing with a unit or multiple units connecting to your hub, our smart home installers are vetted and verified. You can even read a little about your smart home specialists, including reviews and ratings from past satisfied customers. 
Our experts are security systems certified in Finland.


Nowadays at home or office knowing where your iDevices or Android are and whether they can seamlessly connect to your smart home/office systems and devices, it’s paramount.
Book your home automation professional through DesignDiverso and you’ll be connected to a specialist who knows just how valuable your time is. Rather than waiting around for hours, your smart home/office expert will turn up on time and ready to work. They’ll bring all the tools they need, so your smart hub is up and running, quickly and efficiently. 


We know that not everyone works a nine-to-five, which is why we make it easy to book your smart home/office professional at any time of day, either on your phone or right here on our website. Connect with a home automation expert at any time of day or night, right from the comfort of your home. Have them show up at a time that’s best for you, whether you need them first thing in the morning or after you’re home from work. 

Where Does DesignDiverso Operate?

DesignDiverso operates throughout Finland. No matter where you are based, DesignDiverso has you covered.

Making Your Home or Office into a Smart Office or Home

The greater the number of smart home/office devices you add to your network, the more complex your smart home network becomes. In the ideal world, all your devices will synchronize and work together. However, unless you’ve got the technical know-how, tools, and expertise, that could be easier said than done. An experienced home automation professional will know which devices can talk to which and identify any problem areas. Booking a professional home automation installer helps to ensure that you get the most out of your smart home hub.

Don’t Try Smart Device Installation On Your Own—Hire a Pro

There’s always the temptation to have a go yourself but, trying to install smart home products without the proper knowledge is probably wishful thinking. DesignDiverso’s specialists have an extensive and proven record of installing and assisting on everything from entire smart home systems to single smart devices, whether it’s a Nest thermostat, an ecobee 3 or Outdoor cams systems. Book a seasoned home automation installer, and you can save yourself time, money and unwanted accidents.

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