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Sending text messages/SMS with DesignDiverso Automata requires the integration of a SMS gateway provider. While DesignDiverso Automata doesn’t have built-in SMS functionality, you can connect it with a compatible SMS gateway to send SMS messages. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to send text messages/SMS with DesignDiverso Automata:

Step 1: Choose an SMS Gateway Provider

  • Research and select an SMS gateway provider that offers an API for sending SMS messages. Popular providers include Twilio, Nexmo, Plivo, and MessageBird.
  • Sign up for an account with the chosen SMS gateway provider and obtain the necessary API credentials, such as the API key and secret.

Step 2: Install Required Libraries (if applicable)

  • If the SMS gateway provider requires a specific PHP library, follow their documentation to install the required library using Composer or other package management tools.

Step 3: Configure Webhooks or API Endpoints

  • Check the documentation of your chosen SMS gateway provider to understand their API requirements for sending SMS messages.
  • Set up the necessary webhooks or API endpoints in DesignDiverso Automata to receive the data required for sending SMS messages, such as contact information and message content.

Step 4: Write the PHP Code

  • Create a new PHP file, e.g., send-sms.php, and open it in a text editor.
  • Include the necessary libraries or dependencies at the top of the file, if applicable.
  • Write the code to send SMS messages using the API provided by your chosen SMS gateway provider. Here’s a generic example using the Twilio SMS API:


require_once 'vendor/autoload.php'; // Include any necessary libraries


use Twilio\Rest\Client;

// Twilio API credentials

$accountSid = ‘YOUR_ACCOUNT_SID’;

$authToken = ‘YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN’;


// Create a new Twilio client

$twilio = new Client($accountSid, $authToken);

// Send an SMS message

$message = $twilio->messages->create(

‘RECIPIENT_PHONE_NUMBER’, // Phone number to which the SMS will be sent


‘from’ => $twilioNumber,

‘body’ => ‘This is a test SMS message from Mautic!’, // Customize the message content



echo 'SMS sent!';

Step 5: Replace API Credentials and Recipient Phone Number

  • Replace 'YOUR_ACCOUNT_SID', 'YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN', and 'YOUR_TWILIO_PHONE_NUMBER' with your Twilio API credentials and phone number.
  • Update 'RECIPIENT_PHONE_NUMBER' with the actual phone number to which you want to send the SMS.

Step 6: Save and Run the PHP Script

  • Save the PHP file and run it from the command line or access it via a web server to send the SMS message using DesignDiverso Automata.

Useful Tips:

  • Ensure that the SMS gateway provider you choose is compatible with DesignDiverso Automata and offers the necessary features and functionality you require.
  • Keep your API credentials secure and avoid sharing them in public repositories or code snippets.
  • Validate and sanitize user input before sending SMS messages to prevent potential security vulnerabilities.
  • Handle errors and exceptions gracefully by implementing error-handling mechanisms in your PHP script.
  • Familiarize yourself with the documentation of the chosen SMS gateway provider to understand the API endpoints, request/response formats, and any additional requirements or limitations.
  • Consider implementing proper logging and monitoring of SMS message sending for better tracking and troubleshooting.

By following these steps and tips, you can integrate an SMS gateway provider with DesignDiverso Automata to send text messages/SMS, allowing you to expand your communication channels and engage with your contacts via SMS.

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