stand with ukraine

The challenge

At DesignDiverso we feel strongly that no war is justified.
No innocent people deserve to be killed. There are no excuses for those who turn the other way on these issues.

✔️ Speak about Ukraine
✔️ Share news and images about Ukraine
✔️ Stand with Ukraine
✔️ Support Ukraine in any way you can
✔️ Advocate peace and dialog
✔️ DO NOT LET genocide become the new normal




Our statement

On behalf of #designdiverso family, we are all standing with Ukraine.

Personally, I’ve been feeling Ukrainian lately, maybe I always was in some way, and perhaps people who still believe in freedom, humanity, and democracy somehow should be feeling the same way, even if their roots are elsewhere.

I’m available for any possible initiative aiding Ukraine and its people.
If you are aware of such an initiative or wish to help please, let us know.

We are constantly gathering any possible means of support we can in order to help.

Together we will overcome this dark moment that has engulfed our lives.

Peace, freedom, and humanity will prevail. I’m certain of it.



February, 27th


As DesignDiverso is committed to helping directly we will give part of our revenue starting from 10% to people affected by the war in Ukraine

We will update this page routinely with relevant charitable organizations
and other useful resources to support Ukraine





Statement by UNICEF:

“Particularly shocking” – Every single minute, 55 children have fled their country. A Ukrainian child has become a refugee almost every single second since the start of the war.”

Support Ukraine Defense

We strongly believe that humanitarian aid is crucial and the most needed however as the Russian army is purposedly targeting civilians, the only way to protect innocent people is for the Ukrainian army to defend them from these attacks.
Ukraine needs support in order to defend itself from Russian invasion and so far Ukrainian military has been fighting alone against an army 5/6 times larger than them.




Support animals in dire need at Mykolayiv zoo

Let’s not forget about animals, caught in this devasting war there’s a large zoo in the city of Mykolayiv that is now without funding, the risk is that animals will die of starvation.
For you is a cup of coffee, for them is the last chance!


Our responsibility to human rights

In response to Russia’s aggression, we are urging SMBs around the world, to suspend all relations with Russian businesses. (As well as Russia allies)
We believe that focusing sanctions on businesses with positions of power is the best way to drain Russian resources used for funding this war.
However, we are also committed as a small business to influencing as much as possible and by any means, anyone who is still a victim of Russian propaganda and their information war waging online on many different fronts and channels.
Do not let yourself be manipulated and gaslighted by Russian propaganda.
Stand for peace, freedom, and humanity. Together with the Ukrainian people, we will overcome.