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Amato car works, printables & leaflets


Project name: Amato Body Werks

Start date: march, 2020



Creating a variety of visual designs, promos, and printables for Amato Body Werks on behalf of Avenir Thinking posed several challenges. The creative process involved working overnight with limited information on the desired 2020 look, but the team focused on achieving an elegant yet captivating outlook. Despite the time constraints, the team utilized various tools, including 3D software, to create assets and deliver the project.



Our challenge

The main challenge was the lack of clear specifications for the new 2020 look. This made it difficult to align the designs with the client’s vision, resulting in a certain level of ambiguity during the creative process. Additionally, the tight timeframe limited the team’s ability to explore deeper creative ideas and fully refine the designs.




The process

Given the limited information, the team relied on their expertise and creativity to come up with a visually appealing and impactful design. They worked overnight, brainstorming ideas and sketching concepts to create a variety of visuals that showcased the elegance and captivating nature of Amato Body Werks.

Using a combination of traditional design techniques and modern tools, such as 3D software, the team brought the concepts to life. They carefully considered color schemes, typography, and layout to ensure consistency and create a visually cohesive experience across all assets. The aim was to capture the essence of the brand and present it in an engaging and attractive manner.



amato body werks
amato body werks
amato body werks

Conclusion & Results:

Despite the challenges and time constraints, the team’s efforts were praised, and they received positive feedback on their work. The visuals created by Avenir Thinking successfully portrayed an elegant and captivating outlook for Amato Body Werks. The designs resonated with the audience, effectively promoting the brand and its products. However, due to the last-minute delivery, the team acknowledged that they could not explore deeper creative ideas or refine the designs as much as they would have liked.

Overall, while the time limitations affected the outcome to some extent, the team’s ability to work overnight and focus on creating visually appealing designs led to positive feedback and the successful promotion of Amato Body Werks.