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Arena Analytics

Creating a landing page based on single sentence concepts


Project name: MyArmy brand style guide

Start date: Deecember, 2021



The goal of this project was to create engaging and informative landing pages for Arena Analytics. The primary objective was to flesh out each of the single-sentence concepts provided by Arena Analytics into full landing pages, effectively showcasing the value propositions and benefits of their predictive modeling solutions.



Our challenge

Content Development: The primary challenge was to transform the concise single-sentence concepts into comprehensive and persuasive content that effectively communicated the promises and benefits of Arena Analytics’ predictive modeling solutions. It required understanding the technical aspects of the solutions while presenting them in a clear and compelling manner for the target audience.

Visual Representation: Creating visually appealing and cohesive landing pages that aligned with Arena Analytics’ brand identity and conveyed the desired messaging was another challenge. Balancing aesthetics with informative content was essential to capture the attention of visitors and encourage them to take action.




The process

Concept Analysis: The team closely examined each single-sentence concept provided by Arena Analytics, analyzing the core promise, target audience, and unique value proposition for each. This analysis formed the basis for developing the content strategy for each landing page.

Content Creation: The team expanded on the concepts, crafting compelling and informative content for each landing page. They focused on communicating the benefits, features, and specific use cases of Arena Analytics’ predictive modeling solutions. The content was structured in a way that engaged the audience, addressing their pain points and emphasizing how Arena Analytics could provide solutions.

Visual Design: Concurrently, the team worked on the visual design elements of the landing pages. They incorporated Arena Analytics’ brand guidelines, selecting appropriate colors, typography, and imagery to create a visually appealing and cohesive representation of the brand. Attention was given to highlighting key messages, utilizing visuals to support the content, and creating clear call-to-action sections.

Review and Refinement: The developed landing pages underwent rigorous review and refinement processes. Feedback from the Arena Analytics team was incorporated to ensure accuracy, clarity, and alignment with their vision. Attention was given to refining the messaging, improving the flow of information, and enhancing the overall user experience.



arena analytics landing page

Conclusion & Results:

Informative and Persuasive Content: The concise single-sentence concepts were transformed into full landing pages with comprehensive content that effectively conveyed the promises and benefits of Arena Analytics’ predictive modeling solutions. The content addressed the pain points of the target audience and highlighted the unique advantages offered by Arena Analytics.

Engaging Visual Design: The landing pages showcased a visually appealing design that captured the attention of visitors. The use of appropriate colors, typography, and imagery helped create a cohesive brand presence and enhanced the overall user experience.

Clear Call-to-Action: The landing pages included clear and compelling call-to-action sections, encouraging visitors to take the desired action, such as signing up for a demo or contacting Arena Analytics. The placement and design of these elements were optimized to improve conversions and generate leads.

Stakeholder Satisfaction: Arena Analytics expressed their extreme satisfaction with the results. The developed landing pages effectively represented their value propositions and captured the essence of their solutions. The collaboration and communication throughout the process ensured that the landing pages aligned with their goals and vision.

In conclusion, the creation of landing pages for Arena Analytics successfully addressed the project goals. Through an iterative process of content development, visual design, and stakeholder feedback, the team transformed the single-sentence concepts into informative and persuasive landing pages. The result was a set of engaging and visually appealing pages that effectively showcased the promises and benefits of Arena Analytics’ predictive modeling solutions.