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DesignDiverso Automata is the first ethical marketing automation software. Generate more sales and leads, consolidate your customer relationships. We can also run it for you at a very affordable price!

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You are in control with DesignDiverso Automata:


It is smooth sailing to keep track of leads and customers – either through the built-in CRM or by connecting to your existing CRM.

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Diversify Automation

With DesignDiverso Automata drag and drop editor, you can finally create complex, diverse, workflows to automatically target leads without the stress and the learning curve.

Email Marketing

You get a email campaign builder tool that allows you to send beautiful conversion focused emails with smart content.

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gdpr ready

Data protection and privacy

DesignDiverso Automata is EU GDPR compliant.
If you are doing business in Europe you can be automatically certain of being GDPR ready for all your marketing efforts. We can even host all your data in the EU (your choice) with providers located within Europe.

Landing Pages

Create conversion focused landing pages for your campaign on the fly. Share your specs and we put it together for you. Wide range of themes available, custom ones upon request


Lead Scoring

Automatically qualify leads based on what they do on your website or page. Never struggle with churning again, focus on the warmest leads.
Turn your anonymous traffic into a source of actionable data. Automatically learn who your visitors are, name, company, email, phone number and where are they located.


Based on where your traffic comes from, behavior and other  parameters, you can automatically segment your contacts.

Smart Content

Create custom emails and landing pages with personalized content focused on your clients. It is also possible to use your own domain.


Effective CTAs

Set up conversion effective forms that allow you to maximize your CTAs. Connect triggers in order to follow up with emails or SMS.


Create custom, detailed reports on the fly, and always keep track of the success of your activities.

Connect Everything

DesignDiverso Automata seamlessly work with the most popular CRM systems, CMS social networks, and other tools. And if there’s no direct integration, you can create it using Zapier, etc.. or by using the powerful API to connect virtually to anything else.

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Why choose DesignDiverso Automation:

Finnish provider

DesignDiverso Automation is provided by DesignDiverso TMI from Finland and hosted in Germany. Therefore you benefit from the highest standards in terms of quality, privacy, and performance.

Ethical Solution

Our marketing product and services offering are based on an ethical model. We redistribute starting from our revenue 10% across our clients local communities. We promote equitable economy because redistributing wealth means reestablishing trust within our society.
Ultimately trust improves the social fabric and helps rebalance the connection between humans, nature, and brands.

Ensured Success

Our comprehensive solution is a combination of services and product as we believe that software alone cannot guarantee the results you are expecting.
That is why on top of the basic stand alone software plans, we offer our integrated end solutions.

Digital Freedom

Access all your data anytime. DesignDiverso automation is built on an open source, therefore you don’t have the “lock-in effect”.
You can host the software with your data yourself at any time or switch to another provider who uses the same software.

Fully custom

Choose between a solution you will manage or a fully managed plan that allows you to sit back and relax, while DesignDiverso does the heavy lifting for you.

Outstanding service

Truly ethical software and service. Ethical and sustainable aren’t just buzzwords for us. We deliver or you don’t pay. All our subscriptions include excellent support.

Why choose DesignDiverso Automata over other alternatives?

Let’s face it, HubSpot is a popular industry standard but can cost you an arm and a leg. 
It starts at $10,000 per year, you can now save big with our software.

Find out more here: 

Maximize your conversions/sales with DesignDiverso Automata.

It Pays Off.

  1. Reach out with targeted smart content. Improve your brand presence and identity.
  2. Ensure results with our services stack – with a money-back guarantee.
  3. Improve your website usability – make it more conversion-friendly with our services stack.

Knowing Exactly Who Visits Your Page

Learn who visits your website and engage with them in real-time with custom automation.
You can leverage your existing and prospective relationships by knowing the exact lead location, job title, and company.
Save big on resources to manage your partners, and existing clients relationships with custom CRM processes.

This is the sustainable solution you were waiting for.
Forget expensive alternatives that will require at the very least a dedicated person on your team to run it.
Find your digital freedom by relying on us.
Our all-in-one DesignDiverso Automata will handle all your workflow.
You give us the copy and content and we will run the automations, email campaigns, and landing pages for you!
We will create monthly reports where you will be able to review everything you need.

DesignDiverso Automata and services stack is a price-performance ratio for marketing automation that we couldn’t find anywhere else. We are extremely pleased with the DesignDiverso team and couldn’t recommend more to use them for your projects. 


Project Manager, ZealID

For us as a food & drink brokerage, it is key to have a way to keep track of our clients and prospects. With DesignDiverso we have found the perfect match. We love working with them. The tool itself is awesome.


Owner, Ambrosia

DesignDiverso tool is what we were looking for at PaolaFiorentini Knitwear. We have tested numerous marketing automation tools and DesignDiverso Automata is by far the best. We appreciate the extensive functionality at fair prices, the personal interaction, the hosting in Germany and the excellent support.

Paola Fiorentini

Owner, Paola Fiorentini Knitwear

The end result DesignDiverso delivered is light years beyond what our site experience used to be.
Starting from the audit and competitive landscape analysis, to the strategic service stack, UX/UI design and website development. I’m proud to stand behind this amazing brand because it’s a reflection of our company’s essence. It’s sexy, modern, simple, and most importantly powerful. Thanks again DD, I’m glad to get the chance to partner with such a talented team..

Roberto Montanari

Owner, Enersport

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