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DesignDiverso Privacy Policy: 




Website Users

Customers Data

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DesignDiverso stores all customer data in accordance with applicable laws such as the GDPR (EU). DesignDiverso does not rent or sell customer data.

DesignDiverso processes and stores all customer data exclusively in the EU with providers headquartered in Germany.

 DesignDiverso Automata

DesignDiverso Automata is a service to engage contacts via email, SMS, or other channels. DesignDiverso Automata customers can monitor their contacts’ reactions to the messages and visitors’ behavior on their websites.

A contact is a known individual, entity or SBU with whom the customer had previous relations or has been signing up for customer online offerings.  
DesignDiverso does not allow or condone scraping of any sort. 

DesignDiverso Automata allows customers to gather and store personal data or personally identifiable information (“PII”). Those may include contacts’ names, email addresses, phone numbers, job titles, company names, and any other details that our customers choose to request.

The type and amount of information gathered about their contacts is based on customer requirements.
If the customer chooses to collect and track information about their contacts, DesignDiverso Automata will make use of technologies such as cookies, beacons, tags and scripts.

 Website Users

We use DesignDiverso Automata for marketing automation, Chargebee for subscription management, Google Analytics for website analysis and Calendly for appointment scheduling.

 Customers Data

We store your e-mail address, your name, your company and your address in order to send you invoices and to comply with our tax obligations.


We host DesignDiverso Automata on a third party. A reliable platform ensuring 24/7 uptime.
We provide our solutions as SaaS.
This means you won’t have to burden your company with additional costs for hosting.