Truly Open Company

Transparency is not just a buzzword for us.

We are in this business to help others fulfill their dreams. We believe in the authentic shared economy. 
Being an open company or start-up does not mean having our name listed on a fancy page.
It means we are making a much deeper effort on how we run our business. This is why we provide
money back solutions you can rely on.

We firmly believe that in order to guarantee results. Whether is sales or improving certain workflows and processes within your company, technology alone can’t fill in all the gaps.

Even the greatest tech stack requires a dedicated team or person in order to provide the needed results.
This is where DesignDiverso comes in.
With our know-how and skill set, we can guarantee results whether your goal is to increase leads/sales, optimize your company operations with a custom ERP or go to market with a new product or service.

Our ethical solutions allow your business to leverage the latest technologies and state-of-the-art solutions without the high costs and risks.

We put the onus on us as we provide a free trial across our solutions plans.
When it comes to end-to-end solutions it is unheard of in the consulting industry to provide a free trial, we do it to highlight the transparency and value of our offering.

This is pivotal to establishing a relationship based on trust and making sure we are on the same page with your business needs.
It is extremely demanding on our end in terms of resources, but once we establish our mutual goals, and get started we know you will not be disappointed and will stay with us for the long haul.

All our end solutions come with a money-back guarantee for the objectives we set out to accomplish together. You can cancel anytime. No questions asked.

DesignDiverso was born to help people achieve their business dreams, with that being our mission we believe that a better society where wealth is redistributed regardless of privileges is possible, thanks to our giving back we ensure that at least 10% of our revenue is used to help people in need, within local communities and nowadays for people affected by the invasion of Ukraine.




That’s how much you can rely on us

That’s how much we invest in your local community

Our monthly traffic

Product Road Map

All Our End Solutions Are Money Back Guaranteed.

Why should you pay for something you don’t get or get only partly?

This is the question we asked ourselves when establishing DesignDiverso TMI. As a truly open and sustainable entity we provide a money-back guarantee across our end solutions, according to our delivered results. Here’s how it works:
We establish objectives together with you.
Then we measure every metric and KPI monthly and share it with you, no gimmicks or tricks involved.
You have direct access to the data so everything is completely transparent.
Based on those metrics we can see whether we match your objectives. If those objectives are only partly met we give back according to your current subscription. 

How we Redistribute Wealth:

A society without trust is not a society, that is why we foster an equitable and organic economy, because the redistribution of wealth means re-establishing trust.
Ultimately trust improves the social fabric and helps rebalance the connection between humans, nature, and brands

DesignDiverso reinvests starting from 10% of our revenue in your local community helping people in need through a select strategic partner.

Our Monthly Traffic

monthly traffic

This is our visitor report as of October 2022.
If you’d like more information feel free to ask.

Our Roadmap

In our roadmap, we plan and prioritize changes and ongoing improvements. Feel free to contribute with features requests and feedback on DesignDiverso Automata.

Coming soon.