Tired of your run of the mill job? Try something diverse.

All The Good Staff

Our crew is multiethnic and multilingual, we believe in a hierarchies free, labels free, future. The thing that unites us is our passion to create unforgettable work and being innovative. We have developed a unique state of the art process that has proven to make the most out of any requirement. We never aim low. If you are looking for pure bliss in design and sustainable growth, we’re the ones to get in touch with. We're 100% devoted to customers satisfaction, exceeding expectations is our mission and only credo.

Working at DD, I finally found myself. I never been so productive and proud of working with such talented people.

Markus Sandström

Web Developer

Creativity Unrestrained

We have dreamt big at DD, we've dreamt of a place of work without walls both physical and untangible. We strived to cut on useless limitations that hinder free thinking, box imagination and don’t encourage participation. We struggle to give a chance to everyone working with us to work at their own pace, we don't impose, we convey our passion. We foster creativity in all possible aspects and ways. We created an independent, stress-free, results driven system that has proven to be succesful. This is why working at DD means stepping into the future. We love what we do and it shows in the solutions we provide.




Showing a great deal of variety; very different. Diverso means better.

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