DesignDiverso Automata allows you to directly edit the HTML code of an email using the code mode in its email editor. This gives you more control over the design and customization of your email templates. Follow the steps below to edit an email in code mode:

Editing an Email in Code Mode in DesignDiverso Automata


Step 1: Log In and Access Email Editor

  1. Log in to your DesignDiverso Automata account.
  2. Navigate to the email campaigns section.


Step 2: Create or Edit Email Campaign

  1. Create a new email campaign or select an existing one you want to edit.
  2. Click on the email you want to work on to open the email editor.


Step 3: Switch to Code Mode

  1. In the email editor, you’ll find different editing modes. Look for an option labeled “Code” or “HTML.”
  2. Click on the “Code” mode to switch to the HTML code editor.


Step 4: Edit HTML Code

  1. Once you’re in code mode, you’ll see the HTML code of your email template.
  2. You can now directly edit, modify, or add HTML code to customize the design, layout, and content of your email.


Step 5: Use Merge Tags (Optional)

  1. DesignDiverso Automata allows you to include dynamic content using merge tags or tokens. These tags are specific placeholders that DesignDiverso Automata replaces with actual data when the email is sent.
  2. Insert merge tags into your HTML code to personalize your emails, such as including the recipient’s name or other details.


Step 6: Preview Your Changes

  1. After editing the HTML code, you can click on a “Preview” or “Preview in Browser” button to see how your email will appear to recipients.
  2. Make sure to preview the email on different devices and email clients to ensure it renders correctly.


Step 7: Save Your Changes

  1. Once you’re satisfied with the changes you’ve made in code mode, save your email.
  2. Some email editors might have a “Save” or “Save Changes” button.


Step 8: Test Your Email

  1. Before sending your email to your recipients, thoroughly test it on various email clients and devices.
  2. Testing ensures that your email design remains consistent and responsive across different platforms.


Step 9: Schedule or Send the Email

  1. After you’re confident that your email looks and works as intended, you can schedule it for sending or send it immediately, depending on your campaign requirements.



Editing an email in code mode within DesignDiverso Automata allows you to create highly customized and visually appealing email templates. By directly manipulating the HTML code, you have more control over the design and can incorporate advanced styling and interactivity. Just remember to test your emails rigorously and preview them across different environments to ensure a seamless experience for your recipients.

  We can set this up for you if you are on one of our managed plans.


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