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Paola Fiorentini



The Challenge

Paola Fioretini was looking for a disruptive campaign to drive incremental sales during their key holiday sales period. The objectives included fostering e-commerce organic traffic and product sales and increasing social media engagement.

Our Approach

We promoted and made sure the Paola Fioretini brand would have the same resonance across all channels and touchpoints for the ultimate sales experience. We created awarness of PF's spirit and values around the world through an innovative digital and social experience.

Enter the Workshop

One Day of Natural Dyeing

A social media campaign led up to the official opening of the workshop at Osteria Rosso Di Sera. Participants from all over the country flowed by the packed venue, a huge dose of creativity and a pervasive feeling of success crowned the event.

Paola Fiorentini Experience

We began with a cutting-edge microsite with a smooth, friendly integration design and technology to truly engage the visitor in the experience. To generate online leads we also developed the concept behind the workshops "one day of natural dyeing".

Each day, traffic steadily increased to the website, stunning the audience eyes with luxurious knitted items. All products can be purchased through Paola Fiorentini facebook e-commerce app.

Paola Fiorentini Engine

In order to enhance the digital experience and channel in those people who could not attend in person, DesignDiverso crafted an environment that sparked engagement and inspired action. The Paola Fiorentini Engine allowed customers to purchase items straight from their favourite social media platform.

The Results

The decision to leverage social media as a mean of spreading awareness of Paola Fiorentini products was amazingly effective. Holiday sales grew over 70% from the previous year and the campaign accumulated more than 4 millions earned media impressions worldwide.

Social Community Growth
Average Order Value