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Our Challenge

The well established Enersport company needed an updated identity to reflect its exclusivity and foster new customers flow to its store. As leading expert in sports nutrition, few names can match Enersport’s level of experience, know-how, and customer service. Unfortunately, their 20-year-old logo and identity did not reflect the modern company's culture, nor its future brand goals.

Our Approach

As with all branding projects, we started with research into the industry’s competitiion as well as the look and feel of the products that Enersport sells. We wanted a mark that could embody 20 years of experience, while being completely unique. We then pushed ourselves beyond the boundaries of the actual concept, delivering a one of-a-kind experience to its new and returning customers.


The brand had strong grip among its current consumers as “Enersport”. We chose to simplify and integrate a graphical element that stands out from in order to achieve a more modern concept and add a confident, intuitive feel.


Finally, we crafted a UX that speaks directly to what Enersport does. Put simply: Sports nutrition to the people.


Design Diverso understood the concept and exceeded our expecations. I’m proud to stand behind this amazing mark because it’s a reflection of our company. It’s sexy, it’s modern, it’s simple, and most importantly it's powerful. Thanks again DD, I’m glad to be partners with such a cutting edge marketing team.

Roberto Montanari

Owner/CEO, Enersport