Connect DesignDiverso Automata with Zoom using N8N

 Install and Set Up N8N:

    • Install N8N by following the installation instructions provided on the N8N website (
    • Once installed, access the N8N interface by opening it in your preferred web browser.

Create a New Workflow:

    • Click on the “+” button to create a new workflow in N8N.
    • Name your workflow and add a description if desired.

Add Zoom as a Trigger:

    • Drag and drop the “Zoom” node from the left panel onto the workflow canvas.
    • Configure the Zoom node by entering your Zoom API credentials and selecting the desired trigger event, such as “New Meeting Created.”

Add Actions and Connect Nodes:

    • Drag and drop the desired nodes from the left panel onto the canvas to perform actions or integrate with other services.
    • For example, you can add nodes for creating contacts in DesignDiverso Automata, sending emails, or updating data in other applications.
    • Connect the nodes by clicking on the small circles at the bottom of each node and dragging the connectors between them.

Configure Nodes and Test the Workflow:

    • Double-click on each node to configure its settings, such as input parameters, authentication, and data mapping.
    • Test the workflow by clicking on the “Execute Workflow” button or by triggering the event that you set up in Zoom.
    • Verify that the actions and integrations function as expected and the data is transferred correctly.

Save and Activate the Workflow:

    • Save the workflow in N8N once you are satisfied with the configuration and testing.
    • Activate the workflow to make it operational and continuously monitor and automate the specified tasks.

Integrate N8N with DesignDiverso Automata:

    • In DesignDiverso Automata, use the appropriate plugin or integration method to connect with N8N.
    • Configure the integration to specify the data transfer between N8N and DesignDiverso Automata, such as contact creation, updating tags, or triggering campaigns.

Test the Integration:

    • Create a test scenario in N8N that triggers the Zoom event, and verify that the corresponding actions are executed in DesignDiverso Automata.
    • Monitor the data flow between Zoom, N8N, and DesignDiverso Automata to ensure that the integration is working correctly.

Useful Tips:

  • Familiarize yourself with the Zoom API documentation to understand the available endpoints and data that can be accessed.
  • Utilize additional nodes in N8N to enhance your integration, such as data transformation nodes to format the Zoom data according to DesignDiverso Automata requirements.
  • Consider setting up error handling and logging in N8N to track any issues that may occur during the integration process.
  • Regularly review and update your N8N workflows and Mautic integration as needed to accommodate changes in your Zoom or DesignDiverso Automata setup.

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