Connect Mautic with Facebook Custom Audiences Tutorial


Obtain the Facebook Access Token:

    • Go to the Facebook Developers website ( and log in with your Facebook account.
    • Create a new app or select an existing app that you want to use for integrating with Mautic.
    • Obtain the Access Token for the app from the app’s settings.

Configure Facebook Integration in Mautic:

    • Log in to your Mautic instance and navigate to the “Configuration” section by clicking on the gear icon in the top-right corner.
    • In the Configuration menu, click on “Plugins”.
    • Look for “Facebook” in the list of plugins and click on it to access the configuration settings.
    • Enter the Facebook access Token and configure any other relevant settings, such as the Facebook API version.
    • Save the configuration.

Create a Custom Audience in Facebook:

      • Go to your Facebook Ads Manager and navigate to the “Audiences” section.
      • Click on “Create Audience” and select “Custom Audience” from the dropdown menu.
      • Choose the source for your custom audience, such as customer files or website traffic.
      • Configure the audience criteria based on your targeting requirements.

Connect Mautic with Facebook Custom Audiences:

      • In Mautic, navigate to the “Segments” section and create a segment that you want to sync with Facebook Custom Audiences.
      • Edit the segment and go to the “Plugins” tab.
      • Enable the Facebook plugin for the segment and configure the desired settings, such as the custom audience name and description.
      • Save the segment.

Test the Integration:

      • Ensure that your Mautic contacts meet the criteria defined in the segment synced with the Facebook Custom Audience.
      • Monitor the synced audience in your Facebook Ads Manager to verify that the contacts are added or updated correctly.

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