We are DesignDiverso.

We foster co-creation as we believe in doing great work with great people.

We are here to empower businesses by way of building innovative and sustainable value chain processes.

We partner with organizations throughout every region and industry who share our drive for solutions and a resolve to making it reality.

Simply put, we are the digital economy designers.

At our core, we’re a team of holistic thinkers, and entrepreneurs with a knack for problem solving and a love for business design.

Where you’ve seen our work

Our core team

Tancredi Leone // Creative Director
Audrey Museve // Data Analyst
Aidan Doherty // Business Development Manager
Mikhail Dadykin // Software Developer // Partner

Our Values

The beliefs and values that allow us to work in a co-creative environment and create greatness.


Be true.
Honesty and transparency are key to build a co-creation environment. They are also essential for any relationship. Accomplishing greatness is only possible when the people behind an idea or a brand convey these values.


Be respectful.
About our work, our partners, each other.
We’re at our best when we respect and trust what we are doing, who we’re doing it for or with, and why we’re even doing it in the first place. Our shared sense of trust makes it easier to enjoy working together and having more fun celebrating our success.


Continuous iteration.
Everyone at DesignDiverso depends on their innate instincts for resilience, flexibility and conquering a problem, in their own way. We are not going to find uncertainty in change and opposition, but the possibility in it.


Your success is our success.
We don’t rest until our clients get wherever they want to be.
We go above and beyond to make sure that our solutions get us there. No compromises or shortcuts.

Or just keep in touch.