KYC for the nordic banks

Project name: User research and testing

Launch date:
January, 2021

Our challenge

We were tasked with testing Zealid App with S-bank integration.
Provide feedback and insights on how to improve user experience, and help debugging pain points we were coming across.

The user testing journey

ZealiD reached out with the specific need for quality-oriented testing of their KYC iOS app.

Privacy concerns

The issue with privacy.

After selecting the bank from the list, and entering user account creds on the modal window. Following authentication with trustly, however, then the system is asking to share pretty much all the information about the user account with it, not sure I feel so confident about it.

This was our remark on the second day of testing. Promptly Zealid team replied:

“Assuming we will move forward I don’t see exactly how GDPR compliance is protecting user bank account data if they decided to willingly share it with you?
The uncomfortable part is not just allowing access but also, what are you going to do with those data?”

“Your data is safe due to GDPR, but I do understand that someone wouldn’t be comfortable in this step, unfortunately, there is no other way to complete the test, as this step is needed in order to identify the person and issue a qualified e-signature.”

Recording the bugs

Our objectives

For this project, our goal was to find out how the flow would work, what problems a user might have, and what features and components developers would need to implement before going to market.
We identified pain points within the user interface of the app, we used multiple tools in order to streamline the overall QA process.

  • Defined structured Testing processes and defined test schedules to enable the development team to provide builds for testing in a timely manner to help meet the timeline.
  • A regression testing suite was developed and run for every build received. This helped to identify defects early in the Project life cycle. 
  • Streamlined the overall QA process along with other processes followed in the project by ensuring the time to market was the least. 


The success of builds improved by over 90% after testing processes were introduced.
Zealid is now an app ready to go to market with a much more smooth user experience and overall data compliance.

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