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ambrosia procurement platform


Ambrosia came to us in search of a cohesive brand message & compelling digital presence. Working closely with the company’s founders, we were able to capture the essence of their vision, help them convey Ambrosia’s unique story and spread the word about their superior products. We accomplished this by establishing a unified brand message across all channels that highlighted the quality of the products sold on their procurement platform, which are all DOP and GDP certified. Ensuring the message will get across all touchpoints.

supply chain banner


The first goal of our new collaboration was to understand both the brand as well as the buying habits of Ambrosia’s customers. With this objective in mind, we created a robust platform. The information we gathered led to insights that allowed us to create Ambrosia Italy’s brand, as well as come up with highly engaging visual content to make their story more compelling and highlight their values.


procurement platform UI
procurement platform  website
Website 2013
procurement platform  user interface
Redesign 2020
procurement platform mockup

We crafted a lifestyle-oriented, fully responsive CMS laced up with our powerful DesignDiverso™ integrated tools, UI design built around an in-depth user analysis that propelled Ambrosia ahead of the competition. We embraced minimalism, reinforcing the message of authenticity.


ambrosia logo 2013

From a deeper understanding of their target audience, we designed their new identity using vibrant colors.
The logo reflected the four main elements in line with Ambrosia’s products. Soil, grass, water, sun. (2014)

ambrosia logo 2020

In 2019 we’ve redesigned the logo in a more simplified way inspired by the very core element which is soil.
Tuscany’s soil is unique as it provides specific features that are related to the location.


Ambrosia Italy is becoming a household name and the go-to food & drinks broker for Italian products in the U.S. We’ve created Ambrosia brand and digital presence. The web experience is been proving successful by significantly increasing on-site user visits and at the same time cutting down on the bounce rate.

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