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online banking design


BCC’s online banking service piled up a number of bad reviews and got plenty of disappointed users to reconciliate with and reconquer. We have created a concept website and mobile app that will inject innovation into BCC’s current digital presence. This will allow BCC to extend their reach in terms of customer base and at the same time enhance loyalty.

online banking innovation


In order to achieve our goals we indentified KPI’s and strategized crystal clear interactions for how the end customers will use the product. We then proceeded with the creation of a prototype using our favorite stack. The concept reflects all the key features that were evidenced by research in order to provide a modern, extremely simple and engaging experience. Most current banking UX’s lack usability and good design or are simply overloaded with useless features, we made sure to avoid these issues and pain points by enhancing the crucial features needed by users to achieve a state-of-the-art solution built around their needs.

BCC complete website redesign concept, the UI is been utterly restyled in order to provide users a friendly, pain-free experience. We created a robust platform prototype with a minimalistic design reflecting BCC values of simplicity and security.


online banking app
online banking prototype

online banking mockup

The red routing process made the crucial requirements and needs stand out according to their target users that demanded improved usability, extended set of options on top of necessary features such as balance statement, recurring billing, payments search, monthly expenses, monthly income.


Time to see where we stand and compare with other banking UI’s. We picked four banking interfaces in order to benchmark our solution. Turned out that at the end of our testing process customer engagement and adoption rate of our prototype hit a staggering 450% as well as triggering advocacy and retention, having the current customers using BCC services for the long haul.

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