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Our Challenge

Sonoko Group LTD is been set up in 2002. As a well established company they were interested in enhancing their online presence by revamping their website, we crafted a solution. We were also tasked with creating awareness around the corporation brand which is a leading maintenance and installation services provider through a marketing campaign. Our research process involved strategic productivity optimization concepts as well that was provided as additonal service to Sonoko Group.

Our Approach

Previous website wasn't really reflecting Sonoko Group values. We built a fully responsive, feature rich page taking advantage of the latest web technologies in order to maximize engagement and retention. Concerning marketing we teamed up with Sonoko Group tech unit in order to deliver a customized B2B tool to match their needs.


We crafted a fully responsive HTML5 powered user experience that conveys Sonoko Group's innovative identity and capabilities. We used a simple, minimal approach that designed around users, we featured beautiful, engaging visuals powered by hammer.js strong engine in order to enhance the immersiveness of the experience.

The Results

The campaign was a success, exceeding users engagement expectations and successfully building brand awareness, sensation, and new customers flow.

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