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Our Challenge

We were asked to craft a digital solution for Pekka Lahti. After a long and thorough research and consideration phase, we designed a minimal yet innovative solution that would ensure engagement and conversion.

Our Approach

We came up with the idea of minimalism as strategy for brand development as well. We then decided to embrace and enhhance the concept allowing the fresh identity to ripple accross their digital experience.


Pekka Lahti’s services are designed to improve lacustrine conditions and build outstanding infrasctructures. We removed the jargon and made sure to get the message accross. The new presence is a clear, down to earth, representation of PK's core values, the audience instantly believes that the solution is at their fingertips. Visual identity designed around the core concepts of minimalism. The result is a neat and sharp logo that reflects and highlight the values and cornerstones of the company, conveys the solid and extremely reliable nature of their services. Pekka Lahti. Simplified.


Our design unit created a rich, responsive microsite to visually capture Pekka Lahti story and entice users to explore further.


The new brand is evoking a modern, progressive ethos that reconfirms their ability to adequately deliver cutting-edge technology and marketing services to their customers.

DesignDiverso guided us through the brand development process -- listened, shaped our thoughts into an astonishing experience, brought us new ideas and crafted Pekka Lahti's new brand indentity in a way that feels simply authentic to us. I couldn't be more pleased.

Pekka Lahti, CEO, Pekka Lahti

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