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Brand Development


Ambrosia came to us in search of a cohesive brand message & compelling digital presence. Working closely with the company’s founders, we were able to capture the essence of their vision and help them tell Ambrosia’s unique story and spread the word about their superior products. We accomplished this by establishing a unified brand message across all channels that highlighted their most delicious added value: DOP and GDP certifications in all products that ensure top quality.


The first goal of our new partnership was to understand both the brand as well as the buying habits of today’s supplier. With this objective in mind, we created a robust platform. The information we gathered led to insights that allowed us to redesign Ambrosia's brand, as well as creating highly engaging visual content to make their story more compelling and highlight brand benefits to their end customers.

Website Experience

We crafted a lifestyle-oriented, fully responsive CMS based and UX design that put Ambrosia ahead of competiton. We concentrated on minimalism, strenghtening visuals allowing pivotal concepts to stand out.

Branding Strategy

Through a deeper understanding of their target we designed their new identity using vibrant colors thorughout the logo that reflected the four main elments in line with Ambrosia's consumers.

The Results

Ambrosia Italy is becoming a household name and the go-to food & drinks broker for Italian products in the U.S. We've created Amrbrosia brand and digital presence. The web experience is been proving successful by significantly increase on-site user visits and at the same time cutting down on the bounce rate.